User Manuals for FOX model airplane engines

Owner's Manuals

The manuals are grouped together based upon the model or design of the carburetor. Very old engines will use a 2-jet type carburetor, later models use an MKX type, and current engines .40 and larger, will use the EZ series. If you are not sure, visit our Carburetors page where we have posted pictures of each type.

Manuals are also available in a more printer friendly pdf format. Click on the pdf icon to the left of the regular link to view the manual in pdf.

Engines with 2-Jet Carburetor:

.15 Shneurle
Fox .29 &.36
Fox .40BB &.45BB
Falcon 60
Eagle I 60
Hawk 60RC
Fox .78RC

Engines with 3-jet Carburetor:

Fox 60R/C Bluehead
Fox 74R/C Redhead

Engines with MKX series Carburetor:

.15 Shneurle
.19 & .25 Bushing
Series 6 .36 & .40 (small frame)
.45, .50 & Quickee
Eagle III .60

Engines with E-Z series Carburetor:

40 Series
.45 &.50
Eagle IV .60 & .74

Engines with dual carburetors:

120 twin

Control Line Engines:

.15 Baffle Piston
.15 Schneurle
.19 & .25 Bushing
.35 Stunt
Mark VI Combat Special

Engines with Exhaust Baffle Throttle:

Fox .10