Current Fox production glow engines

Current Production Engines

New!!! Fox "Gas" Engines

For those who like their models BIG, Fox Mfg. has a new series of single and twin cylinder gasoline engines. Features include:

*NIKASIL lined cylinder
*Piston assembly by Makita/Dolmar USA
*Throttle coupled advance with CH ignition
*Walbro carb., drilled and tapped for smoke

For information and pricing visit the Fox website.

Current Glow Engines
Eagle 4 Series .60 .74
Displacement: .604c.i. .736c.i.
RPM: 13,000 w/11x6 12,700 w/11x8
Weight: 19oz. 19oz.
Displacement: .459c.i.
RPM: 14,500 w/10x6
Weight: 13oz.
Displacement: .449c.i.
RPM: 13,500 w/10x6
Weight: 12oz.
Displacement: .396c.i. .396c.i.
RPM: 12,800 w/10x6 12,800 w/10x6
Weight: 9.5oz. 9.5oz.
.40 Bushing
Displacement: .396c.i.
RPM: 12,800 w/10x6
Weight: 9.5oz.
Displacement: .247c.i.
RPM: 15,000 w/9x4
Weight: 8.0oz.
Displacement: .15c.i.
RPM: 15,000 w/8x4
Weight: 6.0oz.
.35 Stunt (control line only)
Displacement: .352c.i.
RPM: 10,200 w/10x6
Weight: 7.0oz.

Fox Glow Plug Information
 Original Series
# 4101 Std. Short (Heat Range - Hot)
# 4201 Std. Long (Heat Range - Hot)
# 4502 R/C Short (Heat range - Mildly Hot)
# 4602 R/C Long (Heat Range - Mildly Hot)
# 4702 Miracle Plug (Heat Range - Hot)
 Gold Series
# 4204 Std. Long (Heat Range - Hot)
# 4604 R/C Long (Heat Range - Hot)
Pro Series # 8
# 4301 Short (Heat Range - Cold)
# 4302 Long (Heat Range - Cold)
 2 Volt Plugs (for lead acid battery)
# 4103 Std. Short (Heat Range - Hot)
# 4203 Std. Long (Heat Range - Hot)
# 4503 R/C Short (Heat Range - Mildly Hot)
# 4603 R/C Long (Heat Range - Mildly Hot)

A Little Fox Trivia:

1943 Fox .59

The first Fox engine was built in 1943 and used a brass sleeve and aluminum piston

Fox was the first to:

Introduce nitro-methane to model airplanes (1947).
* Produce one piece die-cast crankcases with cast in by-pass (1950).
* Use Rhodium as a catalytic booster in glow plug wire.
* Use soft aluminum head gaskets on production engines.

Fox Mfg. has been continuously manufacturing model engines in the U.S. under the same ownership and management longer than any other manufacturer.