Fliteline Solutions - who and where are we?

Who are we?

We are a couple of long-time model aircraft enthusiasts with a combined experience of over 70 years, including U-control, free-flight and RC. Our professional backgrounds include both mechanical and electronics engineering. We reside on the Southwest coast of Canada, in the province of British Columbia, near the city of Vancouver.

Being dedicated Fox fans, we primarily fly Fox engines and over the years have flown almost every size and type of glow engine produced by Fox Mfg. We literally grew up with these things! While somewhat unique, and perhaps not for everyone, they give us a sense of modeling history and nostalgia not generally found in overseas imports. Contrary to what some may think, they can be made to work, and work well! At the field other flyers are always impressed by the performance of our Fox engines and some wonder why theirs seem troublesome. This is not to say, however, that we have never experienced any difficulties. Admittedly, at times, some engines have required a little "help" to realize their full potential. Over many years of running these engines, we have developed a number of techniques, modifications and custom parts to improve the performance and user friendliness of those that do.

This web site is maintained primarily to help and encourage users of Fox "RC" glow engines. Although we did a lot of control line flying in our earlier years, we have been into RC exclusively for almost four decades now, and thus have long been out of touch with the control line community. If you have any questions or concerns regarding engines for control line models, we would suggest you check out some of the online forums such as
RC Universe