Information on Perry Carburetors for your Fox engine

Perry Carburetors

For decades a Perry has been considered by many as the aftermarket "carburetor of choice" when upgrading or replacing a damaged stock carburetor.

Among the first successful fuel metered types, Perry carburetors exhibit excellent idle and throttle transition characteristics. We have tested Perry carburetors on many Fox engines and found them to work very well.

The fuel metering, and adjustment system, functions quite differently from the the now common two needle system. A single needle valve is employed to set the high-speed mixture. The idle and midrange mixture is metered by a thin slot which adjustable by means of a metering disc on the same side of the carb as the main needle. By rotating this disc the metering slot can be positioned for best control of the idle and midrange fuel mixture.

We really have only two minor concerns with the Perry carburetor. First, the metering disc is quite sensitive to adjust and a very small movement can make a significant change. Also, the rubber O ring which seals the metering disc to the carburetor body can deteriorate over time making adjustments difficult, or causing an air leak. This is an easily replaceable part though. Overall, we'd still have to say that the Perry is one of the best carburetors ever made for use on RC glow engines. They are produced in a variety of sizes to suit a wide range of engine displacements and an adapter is also available for the unusual flange mount system used on Fox engines. If you are having carburetor problems and don't care to play around with modifications, a Perry carburetor is the way to go.

Perry is now a division of Conley Precision Products. For more information on Perrry carburetors and pumps, visit their website.