Information on custom machining for FOX model airplane engines

Custom Machining

For your custom machining needs we recommend you contact Andrew Coholic. Andrew is an experienced modeler as well as a talented machinist who loves to build and modify model engines. Those of you who frequent the various online model engines forums will likely be familiar with Andrew and his fine work.

Besides machining, Andrew also does custom sand casting. Send an email or give him a call for your custom model engine needs:

Andrew Coholic
73 Algonquin Ave.,
Kirkland Lake, ON
P2N 1C1

phone/fax during the day (705) 567-7950
phone evenings: (705) 567-3263

Below are a few projects built by Andrew, and we think you'll agree, his work is impressive!

Replica Engines click on image for larger view


Dutch Nova

AHC Diesel

GMS .47 Diesel Conversion

Head inside machining

Slitting the fins

Fitting the O rings

Head and contra piston

Completed conversion

Test running