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fox eagle.60, .46 and .15bb

duke fox Fox Manufacturing Co. was one of the last remaining North American manufacturers of model aircraft engines before the tides of change and cheap imports finally forced it to cease operation. A pioneer in the development of model glow engines, Duke Fox was always known to be an innovator and, perhaps, even a little eccentric. Fox built his first model engine in 1943. Over the years, the sheer number and diversity of successful model aircraft engines designed and produced by this one man was truly amazing.

Duke Fox's autobiography is available for download.


This web site has just been re launched after being offline for over a decade. The information presented is, currently, just as it appeared years ago and is provided to assist those who still use Fox model engines. Some links to external sites may no longer be active, however all relevant Fox engine information is intact. Keep in mind that Fox Mfg. was still in operation at the time this was taken offline and some pages reflect that. The web site will be upgraded and modernized as time allows.